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Designated Members


    We know what non-designated members do during a Strike.  Their role is the most visible. What about the ones who are designated?  Are they expected to do double and triple work while everyone else is on the picket line? That doesn’t sound right, does it?

    Designated members are members of this Union.  Designated members want a fair and reasonable settlement just as much as the non-designated members. 

    What can Designated Members do to add their voices to the message picketers are sending to Treasury Board?

    They find ways to express solidarity, such as by

    • Walking the picket line during off duty hours
    • Asking for guidance from the Strike Coordinator
    • Not doing management’s job
    • Monitoring & reporting management’s activities

    Excluded Today; On the Picket Line Tomorrow

    We’re federal government employees.  Roles change. Today’s Manager soon finds herself on the picket line. This is our reality. Managers and Directors are not Treasury Board. Beware the ones who think they are! ... Like George the Coward...