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Opinions / Announcements / News about The VOTE


10/10/01   PSAC Collective Bargaining Meetings in Toronto

05/10/01   EI Delays No Fault of Workers - HRDC retraction

04/10/01   New York Firefighters Union Solidarity Statement

03/10/01   PSAC President Turmel writes to TB’s Honourable Robillard

03/10/01   CEIU Local 553 Votes No

01/10/01   28,000 Minnesota State Workers Go On Strike

27/09/01   PSAC Update for the period Sept 17-28, 2001

25/09/01   Information about the Real TB Vote

24/09/01   Ontario CEIU Collective Bargaining Resolution

20/09/01   CEIU National “Vote NO 2001” site

20/09/01   CEIU Supports the Negotiating Team

19/09/01   Voting No Is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry! by CEIU National President, Cres Pascucci

19/09/01   Dear Sister Turmel

18/09/01   CEIU Local 574 Writes To Its Members

18/09/01   From the Desk of Bob Froese, CEIU Local 556

18/09/01   CEIU Local 548 Strike Coordinator Writes

16/09/01   Mike Nugent, Table 1 Rep, Address to All Tables


Vote NO ! & Vote Often !

One CEIU Local 548 member’s sentiment is captured in his motto “Vote NO ! & Vote Often !”   Would that we could ! Each one of us has one vote.  Let’s make sure our combined votes sends a powerful message to Treasury Board.

Members, everywhere, are expressing their disbelief at Treasury Board’s insensitivity. Members are also very puzzled with Treasury Board’s persistence in demonstrating how little it values its public servants, and how little it respects the significant and rich contributions that public servants make in this country.

Opinions, announcements, and news about the impending vote will be posted in this, “The Vote” section. 

Meanwhile, members are urged to continue writing, faxing, and/or visiting their Member of Parliament’s constituency office.  Your MP needs to know your circumstances. Your MP needs to know how you feel about Treasury Board’s offer.