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This site is being updated - August 2004

EI Delays No Fault of Workers - HRDC Retraction

National CEIU “Vote NO 2001” site, including Resolutions

Links to Negotiation Updates are at “News

Link to Information about “The VOTE”

Link To Canada Mourns   and    Canadian Red Cross

17/09/01 Message of Solidarity and Peace  Reaching Out - What You Can Do

14/09/01 Message of Sympathy and Solidarity

13/09/01 Message of Solidarity


Welcome to CEIU Local 548


This site has been constructed especially for all the members of CEIU Local 548. You have told us that you are keenly interested in every aspect of negotiations. You want to know

    why Treasury Board is not offering you a fair, reasonable and respectful settlement.
    why, year after year, the cost of living keeps rising at a faster pace than your wage increases.
    how you can demonstrate your support and encouragement to our PSAC negotiating team

At this site you will be able to quickly link to the national and regional PSAC sites, the CEIU sites and to the Treasury Board site. At our CEIU Local 548 site, you will also find information that is specifically about CEIU Local 548.  You will be able to ask questions and provide your union with feedback, input and suggestions.

Information is Power

Keep informed. Visit the following sites for the latest news:

PSAC National    

PSAC Ontario Region    

CEIU National