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Today’s Manager was Once a Strike Captain

And a mighty fine one at that ! That’s right! In the 1991 PSAC Strike, Joanne took on the role of Picket Captain at the 1111 Finch Avenue West HRCC - one of three CEIU Local 548 locations. Designated and non-designated members looked to her and other Picket Captains for direction. I wonder if Joanne still has that great Cow Suit and the "2% is good for milk" picket sign ????

 Memories …


Strike: a Serious Communication

Do you remember when designated employees were "detained" in a bus shelter? And the subsequent negotiations for their release? 

The "kidnap" of designated employees? And, how these members were hidden from management?

The infamous designated members’ ravine walk at the 1747 Jane location? 

Coffee and donuts from Manager Jeff? 

Hysterics from Manager Karin?

The honking of the horns: all the TTC and Truck Drivers’ support?


A Strike is serious business. No member takes it lightly. Especially public servants. Public servants care about their clients. Public servants are proud of the contributions they make within their community. 

The goal of a Strike is not to impose a work stoppage. The ultimate goal of a Strike is to negotiate a fair, reasonable, and respectful settlement. 

 Withdrawal of service is done reluctantly and only after it is clear that a strong, unified, and clear message must be sent to Treasury Board. Strike Action is the membership’s Strongest, most Unified, and Clearest Message!

 All members – whether designated or non-designated - play important and critical roles during a Strike.




More Memories …


Designated Members

Do you remember Manager George ordering the Police to arrest Striking Members at the 1747 Jane location during the 1980 Strike…?

And how Mike, Frances, our job order clerks, and a pregnant Mary ended up in a Paddywagon and to jail…? Most of the job order clerks were in their 50’s and 60’s !!!

George made quite an impact that day! His great cowardice will never be forgotten…


We know what non-designated members do during a Strike. Their role is the most visible. What about the ones who are designated? Are they expected to do double and triple work while everyone else is on the picket line? That doesn’t sound right, does it?

Designated members are members of this Union. Designated members want a fair, reasonable, and respectful settlement just as much as the non-designated members.

Do you remember Treasury Board President Gilles Loiselle’s news commentaries during the 1991 Strike? Every day of that Strike, Gilles denigrated public servants and the contributions they make to the community. That was his way of convincing the public that Public Servants do not deserve a raise.

 What a brilliant strategy that was! By denigrating public servants, Gilles denigrated Government. And, in the 1993 Federal Election, Gilles Loiselle’s Conservative Party made history when it suffered its most embarrassing defeat. The Canadian Public took him at his word and voted his Government out!


What do Designated Members do to add their voices to the message picketers are sending to Treasury Board? 

 They find ways to express solidarity, such as by
  Walking the picket line during off duty hours  Asking for guidance from the Strike Coordinator  Not doing management’s job  Monitoring & reporting management’s activities




Excluded Today; On the Picket Line Tomorrow

We’re federal government employees. Roles change. Today’s Manager soon finds herself on the picket line. This is our reality.  Managers and Directors are not Treasury Board.  Beware the ones who think they are !  ... Like George The Coward...